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Six-channel hydraulic rotary joint

The products are mainly used in uncoiling machines, coilers, hydraulic machines, machine tools, excavators, spinning machines in the production lines of hot and cold rolling, slitting, transverse shearing, finishing, pickling, galvanizing, color coating, etc. Presses, rotating platform wire rod rolling mills, finished product collection equipment in primary rolling mills, plate rolling mills, profile rolling mills, wire rod rolling mills, tube rolling mills, hydraulic presses, hydraulic presses, gas-hydraulic related equipment, screw presses for cooling, punching and forging The clamping and grasping device of the equipment, reducing equipment, coiling equipment of flexible hoses, turntable mechanism, grinding equipment, machine tools, vacuum equipment, boring machine, combined machine tool lubrication and cooling device are not allowed in the transmission of hydraulic mechanism. Missing important transmission parts.
Technical Parameters:
Designed 6 independent holes for rotating platform, which can circulate and transmit water, hydraulic oil, gas and other media. Distributable slip ring can transmit electricity and signal current
Applicable conditions:
Maximum pressure: 40Mpa
Maximum temperature: 200 degrees Celsius Maximum speed: 400 rpm

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