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Rotary joint crane tube rotary joint

The internal support structure of the crane tube rotary joint is directly supported by high-precision bearings. It plays a role of reciprocating or low-speed rotation, has high abrasion resistance, flexible rotation, strong support, and all imported seals are used as seals. Reliable sealing performance.

Crane tube rotary joint, also known as reciprocating rotary joint, also known as pendulum joint swing joint, is a mobile joint dedicated to channel fluid medium between steel pipes. It is directly supported by balls inside, which has good rotation and strong support. , Good abrasion resistance, reciprocating swing type rotary joints have long service life, special rubber materials, both reliable sealing and high temperature resistance, are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, papermaking and other industrial fields.
Connection method: welding, flange, thread maximum pressure: 5.0MPa
Maximum temperature: 200 C
Maximum speed: 10rpm
Applicable medium: coolant, various oil products, compressed air reciprocating rotary joints: lubricating oil is dripped around the sealing surface where the moving ring and the graphite ring join (to prevent the two pieces from being bonded and damaging the graphite ring). If the machine is not used for a long time, the rotary joint seal will be rusted and damaged. If it is reused, it will be stuck or leaked. Swivel joints must be hosed in and out and of sufficient length. The inside of the piping and rollers should be kept clean. New machines often cause abnormal damage to the rotary joint due to internal cleaning. Crane pipe rotary joints are divided into flanged connections and threaded connections, and threaded connections are divided into left and right rotation. The roller rotates clockwise, using a left-handed threaded rotary joint, and vice versa.

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