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Features of the swivel joint counterweight assembly
The swivel joint counterweight assembly is also characterized by a directional torque generator that adapts another component of the device to the counterweight assembly. This effect allows the operator to set the desired orientation of the single component. Because the weight assembly provides gravity and the pin adapter will be oriented to fit the weight assembly, the special positioning tool attached to the pin adapter will have a known orientation when the device is actuated.
One or more fluid offset channels (two shown) of the rotary joint are adjacent to the bushing and pass through the spring sleeve, and filter material in one implementation of the device is located in each fluid offset channel. This measure allows fluid to flow into or out of the device while the device is being actuated or released from the actuated position, thereby avoiding hydraulic locking or restricting parts of the device due to hydraulic pressure generated by the fluid in the rotary joint device The possibility of exercise.

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