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The service content is honest and trustworthy, co-operation and mutual cooperation, rigorous and meticulous, serious and responsible, and the pursuit of excellence

1. Provide relevant technical support according to customer requirements;
2. Ensure the timely supply of spare parts;
3, responsible for maintenance services, professional and technical maintenance personnel arrived within 48 hours.
4. During the product warranty period, "three guarantees" are implemented for the product, that is, repair, replacement, and return.
5. Handle letters and visits from customers and answer consumer inquiries. At the same time, consumers' opinions on product quality are collected in various ways and improved in a timely manner according to the situation.

Establishing corporate image Today, product homogenization is becoming increasingly serious. As part of marketing, after-sales service has become an important place for manufacturers and businesses to compete for consumers' minds. Good after-sales service is the best promotion before the next sale, and it is a promotion The main way of consumer satisfaction and loyalty is an important way to build corporate reputation and corporate image.

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